Room 104 - Djijj & Annla

Djijj & Annla


Part man, and part machine, Luku is kind of like Robocop, except that his prime directive is to make pictures, be they moving or unmoving. Utilizing old-fangled painty and arty skills combined with new-fangled computery and softwarey skills, Luku is always searching for problems to solve with his pictures and animation. In recent years this has led to his working for films, TV shows, theatre productions, bands, schools, nightclubs and festivals as well as producing and curating many of his own animations and exhibitions. In 2008, Luku worked as Co-ordinator of the SALA Moving Image Project, and also served as official mentor to the 2009 Co-ordinator with the kind assistance of the Helpmann Academy. Luku regularly and passionately works for Carclew Youth Arts teaching computer animation skills to young people, and was recently engaged in their Creative Educations Partnerships Artist in Residence program at Tailem Bend Primary School. In the future, Luku hopes to pilot one component of a giant five part mechatronic warrior shaped like a bear (or possibly a lion or large bird), whilst wearing a bright green patent leather jumpsuit and mask.

When time was first splattered, glowing, into existence, the two cosmo-giants named Djijj & Annla regarded each other with a barely restrained hostility. For even in those early days, Annla knew it was her role to craft beautiful things out of permanence and tangibility, and Djijj knew in the fibre-optics of his being that it was his role to create glowing ephemeral things which didn't fully exist in this plane of reality.

At this moment, in the great and living void at the beginning of everything, the cosmo giants could not conceive of a time when they could work peacefully together.

Inevitably, eons would have to pass, and whole worlds would need to rise and fall before these two behemoths could work together. But the spirit of the great and living void itself knew that if that time should ever come to pass, the results would be truly majestic.

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