Room 112 - Untitled


Lisa King

Describes herself as a low brow artist that injects elements of street culture by using decks, longboards and other alternative mediums as her preferred canvases. Combining subtle and soft oil painting techniques and drawings with the rawness of these canvases really allows her to add a female voice to the low-brow art movement. She see’s herself as an ethnologist within the fanciful society in which her work exists. Works that signifies a strong sense of series, with each character exuberating lost cultures, innocence and escapism with fashion and costume as a way to formulate their individuality.

Her background comes from several foundations of art and design and the major role of being a self-taught creative. She started her Industry experience as a curator for several years at Gallery “Paperhorse Studios” before retiring to the role of as a full time artist. She currently lives and exhibits in Adelaide, but is hoping to tackle the rest of Australia and overseas in 2012.

A form, an idealism, in touch or perhaps in thought. From the conscious to the sub-conscious of innate expression and or manifestation. The process of creation in my work comes from my consciousness and expression. Whether it be a single painting or a site specific installation I work towards a positive reaction and interaction from and within the viewer’s eyes. My mural work is based on the objectivity to create an installation in which people can walk into and instantly feel like they are in an exclusive and fun environment. In my style I bring a world of character, colour and fantastical story telling with a strong influence of design aesthetics and form.

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