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Stefan Bruneder

I was born in Austria in the last century and now live in Australia. My German humor enables me to be silly, ironic and dead serious at the same time. I listen to music while I paint. Beethoven piano sonatas have proven to work best. I can also recommend Captain Beefheart (a brilliant painter in his own right).

Art has always intrigued and inspired me since early childhood. If I had the means I would definitely be an art collector. The process of producing artwork never ceases to amaze me. Although much thought and a fair deal of skill goes into my art, while working I still feel like a medium for something beyond my perception.

Consequently I fancy seeing myself as a modern day hoodoo medicine man.

The theme creation embraces everything that makes art so fascinating to me. To the contemporary art historian or curator the simple fact that artists enjoy the absolute empowerment that lies in creating something out of nothing seems to be too banal to be worth mentioning. I very often draw without specific outcomes in my head and the less I try to intellectually control the process the better the chances for outstanding results will be. For the experienced artist “mindless doodling” becomes a serious challenge, because one has to practice to unlearn how to walk safe, well trodden paths. This process is best described by comparing it to free improvisation in music. The artist cannot avoid working within their cultural heritage at any time and consequently a personal handwriting will always be apparent, but risk taking and questioning oneself will lead to results that directly tap the individual’s creative resources.

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