Room 117 - MASK


Maya Kolega

Maya Kolega is a passionate and determined emerging artist, committed to her creative journey. She studied at the University of South Australia where she completed a degree in Visual Arts (photography). Maya works creating and documenting images through photography and illustration. Exhibiting works both locally and interstate Maya is looking forward to making more connections with the SA art world and beyond.

I strive to find the unexpected beauties in life. I also believe that unexpected beauty can be created.

The series of photographs is called MASK...

Inspired by lost dreams that I have attempted to re-construct. I have found the process of recalling a dream to be nearly impossible; there are always important elements of the dream missing. While this can be frustrating at times, I have learnt to appreciate the mystery of a dream, a mystery that can never be solved.

This series of photographs has depicted the dreams I have tried to re-construct, where a significant element of the dream, in this case the face, is missing. In its place is a glistening light. In each scene, I chose to obscure the face of each subject, ultimately to hide his or her identity. In a sense creating a 'mask', adding to the entirely dream-like quality of each image.

I want the viewer to experience the feeling I have when I wake from a dream. The feeling of being pulled into a mysterious world, created by the fusion of an unconscious and conscious act, which creates an un-expected beauty that is beyond real life."

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